Clements Landclearing and Forestry Mowing

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Excavator Mowing And Mulching

Our excavator is a Komatsu 228 with reduced tail swing. By using this type of excavator, we can work in tight places in the woods and not damage the "keeper" trees that the land owner wants to save. With a reach of 21 feet, it works great for areas other machines can't, such as pond dam mowing, wet sensitive areas and rough terrain areas.


For the landowner wanting to improve curb appeal, mulching is the best possible solution. By reducing all of the unwanted underbrush you enable potential buyers to see what they are in the market for. All of our clients have been extremely satisfied with our results. One client in particular received a contract the next day after being on the market for 18 months. With the underbrush removed, potential buyers have ease of access and do not have to imagine how the lot "could" look. We offer discounts when able to perform multiple tracts within the same area / location. This reduces our setup costs and we pass these savings on to the first customer within a specific area. We are also a Realtors "best friend" as we offer incentives for referrals to our company. Call us so that we may enable you to reach your overall sales objective.